G324 Moderation Sample 2018

Dear Moderator,
Please find listed below the requested sample.
Please click on the candidate names in order to access their individual blogs.
Beneath their names is a copy of their final moving image product.
All students have completed the advanced portfolio as a solo project.

Shania Jayawardena (8122)

Jack Ahern (3004)

Emily Gleeson (8101)

Bethany Barrows (8025)

Zara Choudhry (8328)


Ben Diamond (8074)


Oliver Garrett (8096)



Katie Snook (8261)

Eleanor West (8290)

Thomas Malcolm (8155)

Alexandra Burrows (8050)

Melissa Francis (8094)

Maria Barroso (Clara) (8024)

Mina Yakinya (8297)

Dion Hosseini (8117)