GCSE to A Level Media Transition Work 2020


Dear year 11,

Welcome to Media A level.We are attaching some introductory work/ activities to get you started on the A level course.

Additionally, There are several texts that you need to watch and make notes on/ analyse before September

TV Drama 

  •  Life on Mars – Series 1, Episode 1: (2006) Original Broadcaster: BBC One (UK)  (Netflix, BBC, Amazon)
  •  The Bridge (Denmark/Sweden) Season 3, Episode 1 (2015) Original Broadcaster: SVT1 (Sweden) DR1 (Denmark) UK Broadcaster: BBC Four (Amazon)

These are close study texts meaning you will be tested on them during the exam and they must be analysed in terms of the Key conceptual areas or frameworks – Media Language, representation, audience, industry –  So, In terms of life on Mars and the Bridge you really have to learn as much as you can about the shows and how they were made as well as the genre, narrative, audience and representational issues.



  • Black Panther (2018)
  • I, Daniel Blake (2016)

Focus: Genre, Narrative and Marketing – who is the target audience and how was the film sold to the audience in terms of marketing poster trailers etc. Also institutional factors behind the scenes -who made it? How much did it cost? What was the “Story” of the production. This would be found in director’s commentary, magazine articles, reviews, interviews. Start with IMDB.com and Wikipedia and the websites for the films. You should start a folder and gather as much information on the films as possible.

In summary:

  • Read the Transition Booklet and begin working through the activities
  • Watch the TV Dramas and make notes- start a research folder – Key concept/ frameworks driven – narrative, characters, representation industry, audience- reviews, interviews etc
  • Watch the films – start research folder on institutional information and marketing

This is a lot of work but just work your way though a little each week

If you have any issues or questions contact:

  • Mr. Daley: tdaley.312@lgflmail.org
  • Mr Fisher: mfisher1.312@lgflmail.org

There is also an opportunity to study Film Studies as an additional A level. If you are interested in this send an email to Mr. Daley and you’ll be sent a list the films you need to watch.

Should you wish, there are some helpful textbooks that you may wish to purchase